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A Trip to Beautiful Stonewall

I remember passing the sign for Stonewall Resort on our last adventure to Morgantown, West Virginia. I’m a history buff, so I immediately thought “Stonewall Jackson”, but I wasn’t sure if they were related. Even growing up in this beautiful state, I still find myself learning new things every time I travel throughout it. After getting an assignment to interview prosecuting attorneys at Stonewall Resort, I gave it a quick Google search, and sure enough, the park is named after the Confederate Civil War General, Thomas Jonathan “Stonewall” Jackson! I’ve not heard much about the resort outside of what I read, and honestly, I don’t do too much research on our assignment locations because I enjoy the thrill of surprises. I’m glad I didn’t look up too many pictures of this place ahead of time. Driving through for the first time was quite the experience. It is absolutely beautiful!

Upon arriving at the main lodge where we were conducting our interviews for the day, we noticed the amount of cars in the parking lot. This is without a doubt a favorite local spot for folks to get away. But we found our parking spot not too far from the entrance and pulled our gear in. The inside was as impressive as the outside! I did hear the roar of the air conditioning, which felt amazing, but from a technical standpoint, my mind started thinking about recording our audio in there as well. Finding solutions to those little things are what makes these jobs unique and very fun for us. Every location is different and requires a unique set of problem solving skills.

After we got the interview setup put together, it was time to meet the first subject we would be speaking with for the day. We had the honor of interviewing the executive of the West Virginia Prosecuting Attorney’s Institute, Philip Morrison II. Mr. Morrison was very gracious with his time and offered a lot of insight into the criminal justice system in West Virginia. His knowledge of case and court proceedings is very extensive and having an open dialogue with him was exciting and educational!

The trip to Stonewall was quite the experience. To be in a place with a rich history and have the opportunity to meet some very insightful people is one of the great rewards of this job that I’ll never take for granted. I’m forever grateful that so many people trust us to do this work for them. Making relationships with new people on these jobs is how our company grows and this project was yet another great adventure to add to the books!


Written by Mike Browning


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