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Pipestem Adventures: A Web Design Journey

“When developing a new website, we really try to focus on capturing the essence of the brand – their identity.” – Cory Frazier

We approach every job here at JJN Multimedia with the same level of excitement and tenacity. Providing the best possible quality work for our clients has been and remains our main focus as a company. We’ve worked hard to put together a team of individuals who display a variety of skills both independently and collaboratively. Each team member contributes to that mission statement of producing great work every day. We are very proud of our work and love the new challenges that each job brings.

Our director of web development, Cory Frazier, recently embarked on a creative journey that would end up being one of the most exciting projects he, and our company, has undertaken. Cory developed a website for the newest addition to Pipestem Resort State Park, Pipestem Adventures. The site dawns 14 unique and completely colorized pages and was completed in a month. I got the chance to ask Cory a few questions to get his own words about this particular build and what made it different.

1. What was the biggest challenge when creating the Pipestem adventure site?

“The biggest challenge in creating the Pipestem Adventures website was capturing the excitement of each of the offered activities. To tackle this goal, we created pages for each of the activities with their own color scheme and incorporated large images with edgy overlays and interactive information sections making pertinent details readily accessible in a fun way!”

2. Did you take a different approach to this build as opposed to others?

“Every website is unique. While there are staples in development, such as having “contact” sections and “about” pages, we always strive to develop the essence of the brand and organize the most pertinent information we want the target demographic to find with ease.”

3. What inspired the color scheme?

“We often develop branding materials from scratch, but in the case of Pipestem Adventures another artist outside of JJN Multimedia had actually created the logo. Our first project we completed for Pipestem Adventures were some new rack cards for advertising each of their planned activities. We wanted a specific color to represent each activity so that all designs would have a consistent look and feel. Over time, people visiting the website and checking out other marketing materials would instantly recognize an activity and related information by the repetition of the color schemes alone. For instance, the Pipestem Peaks Zip-line Tour is represented by a burnt orange tone on the website and corresponding rack card.”

4. Was there anything you learned from this build that you will take with you to your other work?

“I would be lying if I didn’t say that I learn something new with every website build. Technology, plugins and development techniques are always changing and improving. Let’s just say some exciting new integrations we discovered specifically for this build will prove to be useful in future developments as well.”

5. What do you want people to feel when they visit this site?

“My primary goal with Pipestem Adventures was to make the website instantly evoke two words – exciting and engaging. I hope people visiting the website discover something new for them to experience in Southern West Virginia and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the project.”

Here at JJN Multimedia, we are very proud to have a visionary such as Cory offering his skills every day to create such a productive environment in our company. We enjoy the opportunity to use our tools and generate excitement every day for our client’s brands. The Pipestem Adventures site is a perfect example of that. Check out Cory’s work now!

“One thing people should always remember is to never promise something you simply cannot offer. That is how you build trust. Failing to deliver on empty promises is detrimental to your own brand. We are not the technical giants of the industry. We are the story tellers.” – Cory Frazier

Written by Mike Browning