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The Conservation Fund – Atlanta Trip!

Our recent trip to Atlanta, Georgia, was quite the adventure! With over 6 hours in the car, we spent our time on the road laughing, listening to some of our favorite podcasts and discussing the video shoot ahead. I had been very excited during the days leading up to the trip! I would get the opportunity to visit a city I’ve never been to, meet some wonderful people and work on a project that highlights something that I have always admired – farming!

After navigating through the traffic surrounding the city, we finally made it downtown. We kept checking the address to our Airbnb and making sure that we were on the right track. We made our way through a few very busy communities and at around 1 AM, we found our room. There was quite the party roaring next door, which to a couple of small-town guys, wasn’t exactly what we were used to. Everyone was having a blast! There was dancing in the streets, corn hole tournaments and music! It was an all out festival! Once we got inside the Airbnb, you couldn’t hear a sound coming from outside. The silence was very welcomed because we had an early morning and LONG day ahead of us.

After a well needed night’s sleep and an incredible breakfast at the Atlanta Breakfast Club, we made our way to the first location. We were driving through smaller areas just outside the city, when we noticed our GPS taking us to the end of a street. We knew our first shooting location was a fully operational farm, so seeing our coordinates end on a street corner no doubt had us puzzled. But hiding just beyond the tree line at the end of a street in the city of Atlanta, rests a fully operational farm. It was quite the sight! There were rows and rows of arugula, tomatoes and farmhands to tend them! What was thought to be somewhat of an odd spot for a farm, was immediately realized to be a brilliant place for a farm! It gave so much personality to the area. The locals even frequent the farm to jog and walk their dogs, as well as just to visit. While there, we had the pleasure of speaking with a young farmhand named Demetrius. Demetrius, at just 24 years old, has already obtained a degree in farming and conservation and plans on pursuing farm work as a career. It was very inspiring to meet such a young person and see how dedicated he is to preserving a way of life that seems so lost to many at his age.

Also on the trip, we got to visit a beautiful fresh foods market that is owned and operated by a local farmer; a stocking house for feed that is right beside one of the oldest train depots in Georgia; the beautiful Vaughn family farm which consists of what looks like a million acres of gorgeous rolling land; and several other spots that made the trip a delightful one. Getting to see a big slice of what built that part of the country was eyeopening and humbling at the same time. The work that it takes to maintain what these men and women do every day is very labor intensive. It is work that they know very well and have turned into thriving careers. You can see the support they receive from locals in their communities and it is beyond heartwarming!

After several different setups which included stationary interviews, walking interviews, B-roll and other additional shots, we double checked our gear on our last day and loaded the car for the trip home. On our way out of the city, I kept looking behind me at the Atlanta skyline. I thought about that farm at the end of the road. I thought about the Atlanta Breakfast Club and how their potatoes could go head to head with any potatoes in the country. I thought about Mr. Vaughn and the beautiful day we spent on his property. Atlanta had quite a few surprises in store for us.

Thank you to The Conservation Fund for giving us this awesome opportunity. It is one that we won’t forget!

To learn more about The Conservation Fund, visit their website at www.conservationfund.org.

Written by Mike Browning


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