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These are a few of our favorite (springtime) things


There’s nothing quite like spring in the Mountain State when trees start budding, birds emerge for the season, and sunshine takes the place of gray, gloomy days. Though the majority of our JJN Multimedia team considers fall our favorite season — who can blame us? West Virginia autumn foliage rocks — spring comes in as a very close second, especially after a dreary winter. 

In honor of the first week of spring and the promise of sunnier days ahead, we’re sharing our favorite traits of springtime. 

What are some traits of spring that you look forward to every year?

MEGAN: I’m always on the lookout for native flowers and plants. Each year I try to learn more about them when they bloom. The chirping of Spring Peeper frogs is something I always get excited about, their call is relaxing and it also reminds me that warmer weather is ahead since other frogs begin to come out in late Spring and Summer.

CORY: I always enjoy the sounds of birds singing in the morning. 

HANNAH: Having the windows open when it is warm outside is always a refreshing feeling that I look forward to each year, along with being able to enjoy some time outside after a long winter. Seeing life and color start to reappear in nature is also a really lovely aspect of spring.

LEXI: I’m with Hannah. There’s nothing more refreshing than opening windows and letting in fresh air after being indoors all winter. The energy of the space just seems to change for the better. 

LINDSAY: The chirps of spring peepers, getting to forage for some of the best wild edibles (like morels and ramps!), blooming trees and wildflowers, and warmer weather are all things I look forward to each year. Seeing everything come to life again after winter is such a blessing and makes me appreciate our world. 

JD: Things start growing and that’s always a great metaphor for life. It always helps me remember that yes, it’s possible to walk around in West Virginia in shorts and a t-shirt. My smokin’ hot wife’s birthday is also in spring and that’s always a plus.

What does your ideal spring day look like? Weather, activities, etc. 

JD: Since most of my life involves a camera, it always makes it easier when the weather allows for a pleasant day of filming. This typical day consists of a light breeze and a soothing Appalachian ambience of random birds and trees rustling.

MEGAN: The trees are green, the weather is sunny with some clouds and it’s around 70 degrees. Hiking, fishing, or enjoying a picnic somewhere new is always a good way to enjoy the first warm days.

HANNAH: Ideal spring weather for me consists of lots of sunshine and being able to go outside without having to layer up clothing. I enjoy hiking, walking my dog, and going on picnics once the weather warms up.

PAGE: I love opening all the windows of the house to let the fresh air in or kayaking down the Guyandotte River with my husband. Just overall enjoying the weather before it gets too hot.

CORY: I feel more motivated in spring. It’s the perfect time to start tidying up and making your home a welcome place to be. 

Do you have a favorite flower or tree that blooms/blossoms in the spring? 

LINDSAY: I love dogwood trees. We had a big one in the yard when I was growing up and it’s probably my favorite tree flower. I also really like trillium, a native wildflower to Appalachia. You can find tons of them this time of year! 

HANNAH: I really enjoy seeing daffodils bloom in the spring because it reminds me of my childhood home. We had lots of daffodils in our flower beds and it always made me excited for warmer weather.

PAGE: Daffodils are my all-time favorite flower. They just grow EVERYWHERE. They take little to no care, and I love them for it. We have a few in our yard that came with the house and I look forward to them growing every year.

MEGAN: Honeysuckles! They are one of my favorite native plants because of their smell, nectar, and their unique and delicate blooms.

LEXI: I love spring blooms in general. Daffodils, wildflowers, dogwoods, cherry blossoms, you name it. I probably have it in my yard. 

What do you look forward to doing this spring?

PAGE: Opening my windows to let some of that wonderful warm air inside. My cats are indoor cats, so they also enjoy all the sniffs and smells they can get from an open window. Also getting out more to exercise and work off some of this winter weight.

JD: I look forward to continuing pursuing the growth of JJN with less snow days, and also to enjoying occasionally fishing with the family.

LEXI: I can’t wait to lay out on the porch and listen to the birds. 

MEGAN: I look forward to exploring new places and all the things I’ve listed above. Also, I will be finishing up a mural I started last Summer in Gilbert, WV.

LINDSAY: I’m looking forward to visiting my sixth National Park: Mammoth Cave in Kentucky! 

CORY: I have many projects in mind that would be good to tackle this spring, mainly home improvements. That building isn’t going to paint itself.

HANNAH: I am looking forward to going on some hikes and getting to spend some of my time working on the porch instead of having to stay indoors to avoid the cold.

Do you have a favorite memory of spring you’d like to include? 

LINDSAY: My husband and I got married on Earth Day last year, so our wedding is my favorite spring memory.  

PAGE: Easter is my favorite holiday, mostly because of the amazing church I grew up in. We celebrated Easter all day with a play, carrying the cross through the holler, and ending with an egg hunt. It was a wonderful celebration with great food, great people, and a great message.

LEXI: I have a personal springtime tradition that started about 10 years ago. I was driving from school to my part-time job, and it was about 70ish degrees and sunny with a beach-like breeze. It was the first warm day we’d had in a while, so I popped my Mumford and Sons CD in and rolled every window down. The combination of sun, wind, and music gave me such a sense of relief knowing that spring – and the summer leading into college – were just around the corner, and that feeling was so strong that it just cemented itself in my memory. Once the temperatures are consistent and warm, I kick off spring with that album, drive, and relive that feeling all over again. 

CORY: Rebirth and renewal can mean many things to many people. For Christians, it is a time to celebrate and reflect on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a perfect time for family gatherings and as the years go by, cherishing these moments becomes more and more important to me.

MEGAN: Not one specific memory, just enjoying the weather and outdoors with my family. Exploring the hillside and creek with my sisters and cousins, my Dad and I finding a big carp in a small creek while looking for crawdads, going on family hikes on the old mining road behind my house – these are just a few memories that immediately came to my mind.

JD: Maybe a constant every year thing. I enjoy spring because I can physically feel the coldness of my soul warming up, reminding me I’m human and not a droid, reassuring me that fresh air is coming; walks, sports, porches, bbq’s, it’s all about to arrive. So I start enjoying it when the thermometer hits 60, soaking in every warm moment before it’s quickly winter again.