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4 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence


Establishing and supporting a social media presence is an incredibly important part of marketing and promoting a business. While traditional advertising is still a great way to reach potential customers, social media has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to attract new clients and keep your current customers engaged.
But, it’s not as easy as just starting a Facebook page and posting from time to time – you’ll need a plan. Check out these four ways to improve your social media presence below.

1. Make a Game Plan

The worst thing you can do with social media is to start a Facebook or Instagram page and then forget about it. You need to make a game plan for posting at least once a week. While informative posts are always good, you’ll want to change it up a bit. Highlight any events you have coming up, promote sales, and even just post fun photos of your team or your customers.

2. Create a Brand Voice

Along with a game plan for the number of posts per week, you’ll also want to consider what kind of voice you want to have for your business. This will depend on the type of organization you represent. If you own a local bike shop, your brand voice is going to be different from the local medical facility. If you have a more lighthearted brand voice, you can be more conversational with the tone of your post, and share funny memes and videos. Whereas if you have a more serious brand voice, informational and educational posts may be the better route for you.

3. Make Time for Social Media.

Adding one more thing to your plate is never ideal for a business owner, but know that social media is one area that you don’t want to skip. Make time to post and monitor your pages. Block out 5-10 minutes each morning to monitor your page, post updates and interact with your followers.

4. Be Interactive and Responsive.

So you’re posting once a week, you’re keeping your followers informed about any business updates, you’re tackling your social media strategy, right? Well…almost. You are doing all of the right things, but one piece may be missing – interaction. You’ll want to go to your posts and react to comments, respond to any questions, address negative comments AND respond to private messages. It can be a lot. But social media is just an extension of your company’s customer service and you won’t want your customers to have a negative customer service experience – especially when social media can become an open forum for comments and chatter.

We hope these four tips helped, but if you’re still feeling a little lost, send us a message and we’d be happy to talk to you about helping support your social media efforts!