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Keys to Revamping Your Website


While websites are a critical part of any successful business, they are oftentimes the first thing to be pushed to the backburner when things get busy. We get it – you’re wearing a lot of hats! But, there are a few easy-ish ways to update your website to help give it a fresh look.

1. Photography

Updating the photos on your website regularly is a must. Updating them with professional, quality photos is even better! Be sure to fresh the homepage seasonally with a new header photo, along with any other photos featured on the homepage. Make sure you have high-quality photos that will adequately fit in the space provided – you don’t want the header photo to be stretched or pixelated at all. You’ll also want to reduce the size of the photos so they do not slow down the loading of the page. (Don’t have any professional photos for your business? We can help!)

2. Content

Just like photos, you’ll want to review the content of your website regularly to make sure everything is still accurate and up-to-date. Remove any old or outdated copy, events, etc. Double-check information like your hours of operation, address, and click the social media links just to ensure everything is working properly.

3. Check the Mobile Version

Typically, 50% or more website traffic comes from mobile users so reviewing your website on a mobile device is crucial. While a website may be beautiful and user-friendly on a laptop, if it is hard to navigate on a mobile device, you need to make some changes to the structure, layout and/or design.

Website work can be overwhelming. Things can break, updates need to be made and one wrong bit of code can cause all kinds of issues. If you don’t know where to start or need some help, give us a call