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Honoring Veterans with MCNB Banks


This Veterans Day, MCNB Banks wanted to put together something special to honor those who have served our country. Many of us have veterans in our family and we are so appreciative of their sacrifice and thankful for the impact they make in our communities every day. 

After some brainstorming, the JJN and MCNB Banks teams came up with the idea of a feel-good commercial where a veteran works to get back in shape so he can run with his granddaughter. The veteran would use his MNCB Bank card to purchase new running shoes, healthy snacks and even a gym membership – all in an effort to start running again! 

We found the perfect star for our commercial, a local veteran named Pat who actually used to be the captain of the Army track team! We filmed with him all throughout Raleigh and Fayette Counties – with pit stops at a Little General store in Beckley, Water Stone Outdoors in Fayetteville and Anytime Fitness in Oak Hill!

We are grateful to have teamed up with so many local business owners to help honor our veterans. Check out the heartwarming commercial below!

We stopped by the Little General on Harper Road in Beckley so our actor, Pat, could stock up on healthy snacks and water.
Our veteran, Pat, met with Anytime Fitness Gym Manager Joelene to get signed up for a gym membership.
We had a host of actors and crew on-set for the MCNB Banks “The Runner” commercial.